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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Sunrise and sunset on Greek island!!!

I wake up to this every morning!!!!


(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

Greek islands forever!!! XXOO


(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

Fresh veges cos my neighbors don’t know what is this artificial thing called “ORGANIC” ….to them it is just Normal to grow and catch your own food, brew your own wine…etc…


(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

This place is a blessing…just sun, beach and farm…..


(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

It is easy to be in love with the universe here. XXOO Lol. The only trouble is you can not sleep in on Sundays because of the noise…from the old historic church ringing across the vineyards!!!!

But who needs to sleep at night just sleep on the beach.


(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

It is always beach weather…sailboats and fishing boats…

And after a nap on the beach…try to wake up to sunsets….;-)

(c) ceciliawyu, greece, 2012

Yes. I know I am lucky and I  am eating food made by my greek friend a professional gourmet chef at the moment with squid straight from the sea. Wished you were all here.

Have a lively summer.


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