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The Goldilocks Principle

Cecilia’s note: While doing some reading for my Research, I found this great discussion about “The Goldilocks Principle”; a colloquial English based way of explaining the Swedish and Norwegian concept of “Lagom” which I was introduced to years ago in Uppsala. I remember reflecting with some up-coming Swedish science major and Greek physicist finishing his Doctorate that this concept is actually just the closest thing the western “binary” model have to the ancient Chinese Concept of “The Tao”: All the forces of the cosmos in perfect harmony and balance without going to Extremes; “just right”, “lagom”….

Of course, I do not need to remind all how much western research suffered from its “occidental bias” and its failure to consider Far Eastern models…..I think Jung tried to do that and Ethnocentric Europe was too busy congratulating itself on the Industrial Revolution!

Hey, thanks for populating our planet with “civilisation”…#sarcasm.
It really would not hurt Western Climatologists to eat a small humble pie and start brushing up on some philosophies far far away from the dogmatic adherence to “aristotelian logic” as so much more superior a pardigm because it is “whiter than thou”.

Nevertheless some can love a fairy tale that a large % of the world’s population do not identify with as a paradigm and I will continue to explain this concept in terms of the Tao Te Ching and aspects of the Bhagavada Gita.

I do think it is ethnocentric to assume the whole world knows “Goldilock”. Fact: Only english speaking worlds know who that “Sqautter” was! 🙂 Toying with White privilege much? 🙂 #sarcasm

Still, thanks for the sensible collation of myriads of references in the name of that tedious “Home intruder” who violated the bears’ privacy, stole their stuff with impunity, not unlike White Colonialists declaring a large part of the world was terra nullius, then proceeded to grab food, porcelains, furniture and silk beddings! Lol.

I really enjoyed reading the 271 responses debating on a tiny little aspects of Climate research, I’m sure that was fun and will lead to a great solution for Sustainability!

P.S This was written in 2012 and….it was a more optimistic time! But we must soldier on in 2020! 🙂

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

On what we can learn from Goldilocks and The Three Bears regarding our perceptions of climate, climate science, communication and policy.

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