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Sci-fi Fiction/Black Satire by Cecilia.W.Yu: “Manifesto of the “invisibles” is a striking Unity Day 0064 Festive Interior Ornamental Feature! “Trendset Space, Asgardia edition”

“Invisibles” are the space plumbers of humanity!

The earth Pandemic has brought the world media on all the “invisibles”, even those in Asgardia. It is impossible to imagine a society based on “Unity of man” (though Asgardian feminists criticised this part of the Asgardian constitution and successfully changed the term) , beyond race, creed, religion, gender and political ideologies would have “invisibles”. Yet since Asgardia joined the United Nations, UNDP began publishing its findings about the “invisibles” in space. It was not merely a speculation about “would-be invisibles” which many theoreticians predicted. The reality was that all space stations and colonies needed logistics and workers. People who moved goods or rather repaired the AI who moved goods. AI may dominate but it still took human logiscians to monitor food AI, driving AI, energy supplies AI, agricultural and medical AIs.

While the “invisibles” are less in numbers than on earth, the “invisibles” are still crucial part of the system of Asgardia. Those who espouse the disappearances of the classes, somehow forgot that in any human settlement, somebody had to ensure the plumbing of the loos worked! Asgardia permitted the influx of refugees (from earth’s recurring Climate and Pandemic Disease crisis) as temporary workers and hired them as “floating population AI engineers” through a system of educational upgrades. The problem was identified as “a large gap between the Earth dwellers and the Asgardians in basic access to education”!

space station

Simply put, Asgardian colony began as memberships from the elite thinkers, astronauts, scientist, intellectuals, sports athletes and artists of earth; or rather those who had the foresight, education and vision to join the initial membership subscriptions, therefore they were already from a certain demographics who had access to the information. In reality even their plumbers were individuals with knowledge to space plumbing. By the time the colonisation of space began, the earth was already in self-destructive ruins, so even more resources were taken out of education and less and less knew about Asgardian membership. As the culture of earth became side-lined and corrupted to “Instagram-able marketing moments” and “social media updates”, the concept of Asgardia was drowned out in the noise of other competing fictional memberships. Nobody knew whether Asgardia was a game on the dark net or whether Asgardia really intended to set itself up as a Space Nation.

By the time Asgardia achieved United Nations membership, the situation on earth had become so chaotic that its membership only needed to be rubber-stamped by panels of world leaders who voted in each their own “private space station hide-away” via Holograms. As far as the UN security of nations were concerned, a world dictator from what was formerly known as United States of America declared in his media statement, “Hey, what was one more private space station island floating out in space ? So, it is run by voting for now and not a one-man dictatorship, how long will that last if the Covfefe supplies start waning?”

Asgardia’s supplies did not wane. The system of democratic election remained, simply because it was already founded on like-minded individuals; “All singing from the same song sheets”. But of course, a system needs to be maintained and nobody was going to volunteer to work with the “Toilet AIs”. That was where the “invisibles” became so useful that anyone with rudimentary “space plumbing” knowledge could attain an instant knowledge upgrade on their basic smart phone app (for on earth, they still used this kind of drug addictions like cigarettes, coffee, cocaine and smart phones). With their app upgrades, they had a temporary visa to Asgardia, until such a time as they were able to apply for the full permanent residence and eventually citizenship. It was a reasonable system, as long as you had rudimentary “space plumbing” knowledge as an Earth Refugee, preferrably MIT or CSIRO or ESA or any other rudimentary institutional experience of space. The same for the medical AI workers. We welcomed all earth refugee and immigration applicants from John Hopkins, Marie Curie and many other basic earth institutions! We are an egalitarian meritocracy after all. 🙂

We even welcomed applicants who were communists and fascists, as long as they had the necessary qualifying skills because I REPEAT, “We are an egalitarian society based on meritocracy.”

They came to work the plumbing AI but as soon as their duties are done, they strifed for a superior “invisible” society, when “the foundations of the ruling Asgardia class, their politics and their social hypocrisy, will tremble before a new found (insert class/race/religion) invisible voice!”

They were very passionate about their issues and Asgardia’s pro-democracy social equality mandate respected that, as long as they kept the plumbing AI functioning! There were only about 5 of them, on most “Plumbots AI maintenance” cycles anyway!

“When the invisible came out of the shadows” in Fashion Trendsetting!

For a short period at Asgardian tea-times, an interesting space monograph of the Manifesto of the “invisibles” floated around the pseudo-intellectual sets. There was even an attempt to submit a copy to the UN for anthropological archiving purpose. The hologram was later redacted because the copyrights owner of “The Manifesto of the Communist party” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel filed an Inter-spacial Estoppel and Injunctions against the violation of its copyrights, which caused a lot of “ironic giggling” for the “invisible” archivist at the Inter-planetary Space Patent Registration Office!

The “invisibles” holographic-ally published their book, but received zero mainstream press reviews. However, “The manifesto of Communist Party” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel, attracted a renewed interest. It was the height of fashion in Asgardian Champagne receptions to serve delicate holographic space “amuse bouche” on tablets decorated by a pastiche replica of the 1st edition of the book.

Those who were not destined for “the dizzy height of high fashion” settled for space bots serving their morning breakfast on a tastefully ironic, yet neatly decorated space-pad of Mao’s little red book.

The fashionable and trend-setting socialite Padmé Wing-Sze Lordes Susie eKaterina Sangarakshita reviewed the new trend in her “Whose trend is this anyway?” Unity Day 0064 column in “Trendset Space” monthly (Asgardia Edition). She wrote:

“I find this fashion trend a little weird and creepy in the beginning, as all the original writers were jobless “invisible” immigrants living on the Croissants bought by the money they scummed from the very evil anti-proletariat rich relatives they so despise, yet they continued to eat the croissants and drink their own Champagne Socialist bubbles of what I can only describe as ” earth 1970s revenge porn fetish” against the injustices of their evil Capitalist-Industrialist relatives! Oh,the injustice of being forced to do some Plumbotting for one’s own croissants and champagnes, was too much for the likes of Marx and Engel, so they wrote a piece of black comedy. Unfortunately this piece of satire, got taken seriously by a bunch of radical numb-nuts a century later. Many decades down the drain, it ended up starving 46 million people to death in China and a few more millions killed as victims of Communism. Thus showing….it is never a good idea to eat of the Croissant Communism crumbs and drink of the Champagne Socialist bubbles, if you are not prepared to leave your “self righteous numb-nutting” at the door, when you mooch on your rich relatives (though money has been abolished in Asgardia, one can still empathise with the hassle of relying on relatives)!

However given the beautiful effects of Vermilion in the morning, I gave this trend 3 Stars for innovative use of “irony” in holographic space decor. But Never darken my holographic specs with the sight of THIS combined with the ironic Hitler-moustache-cat trend or I shall tear up my VIP invite to the annual Asgardian social-butterfly gala reception (a Unity day fundraiser for #poorlivesmatter), forthwith, in protest !”

Since most Asgardians read “Trendset Space, Asgardia edition” and completely forgot about the “Manifestos of the invisibles”, the Croissant Communism ironic decor trend persisted in Asgardian homes until it was overtaken by the Reverberating Synchornicity Moon-cycle Plumbot Acu-pressure Facial Misting Brunch trend!

As a footnote, the author added * “numb-nutting” as well as its related “emotive genocide” was abolished in Asgardia since we entered our 5th rotational space orbital resort units in accordance with Asgardian UN submission on the “Disarmament of Numb-nuts and the abolition of Emotive Genocides ” Charter. However United Nation’s many earth-bound member states, floating in each their “private” one-man (entity) dictatorship space station, had yet to ratify this convention, nor acted on the accompanying “Darkside of the Moon” UN Treaty which set out detailed systemic strategies for the active disarmament of numb-nuts and immediate de-escalations of emotive genocides! However Climate Change as a problem solved itself through Oxygen extinction, followed by an inverse proportionate rise of Numb-nuts and its related phenomena of Emotive Genocides, on Earth.

Asgardians watch with academic interest as new “invisibles” arrived cyclically, bringing a cross-fertilisation of failed social human experiments and potential deadly culture into the final frontier of Space. Yet Asgardians prospered as an example of The Eternal Human Paradox. No allusion to any religion or science necessary unless one considers “TheUnity day Saint of Common-sense” a religion, which most Asgardians consider as a philosophical guideline for personal happiness and not a guru at all.
The End.


This is a sci-fi work of fiction by Cecilia.W.Yu (c) 2020. A contribution to the Unity Day Writing Project…

Nation Builders, a group of Asgardian enthusiasts, is running a writing project for unity day. Unity Day is one of Asgardia’s few holidays and Asgardians from all over the world celebrate the acceptance of the constitution and the Declaration of Unity that binds us all. We invite you to write a journal entry from the perspective of a future Asgardian and become one of Asgardia’s first published authors. A digital copy of the book will be available for free for all Asgardians. Contact Ross Cheeseright for more info.

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