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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

願人月港長圓 ❤️ Happy Autumn Moon Harvest Festival 2021 ! #FreeHongKong Well done #Australia for standing up to CCP Dictatorship!

願 人月港長圓 ❤️ Happy Autumn Moon Harvest Festival to all my friends in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Chinatown worldwide fr Liverpool Londn Paris Amsterdam to Melbourne to San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Toronto etc. May all people have Freedom! 😇🙏

中秋快樂, 香港人加油。❤️
Celebrating Asian Autumn Harvest Moon in a democratic country with Freedom! May all in Hong Kong (island home of my Great Great Great Grandparents) be free! 🙏 但願港人長久!

Well done #Australia for standing up to CCP Dictatorship! As a Chinese Australian I am proud of Australia’s decision to stand up to Xi’s tyranny !

(c) 2021

孫日民主,周庭落雁, 拜月貂蟬,港滅共奸。2021 Communist China Wants to Ban the Moon and the Sun….so far this year they’ve banned Hip Hop, Black people, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and all western Textbooks inside China. My wish for this ancient Autumn Moon festival is that Heaven and Earth may move to Ban Communist Dictatorship inside China.

🤣 hahaha. As I was writing this…a Dude (visiting his Scottish relos) on the Esplanald fr LA screams out …,”OOh….not yet full moon, thank goodness so I don’t have to take off clothes and howl at the MOON!” Sooo #graffiti ….lol. Wouldn’t the world be so boring if we are all the same??? #diversity

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